Webinar: Program Assessment in Foreign Languages

Program Assessment in Foreign Languages: How Language Centers Can Help

Date:  Friday, September 14, 2012


  • Kristy Britt, Senior Instructor of Spanish and Director of Language Resource Center at the University of South Alabama, IALLT Treasurer, SEALLT President
  • Mike Ledgerwood, Chair of World Languages and Cultures at Samford University, Immediate Past-President of IALLT
  • Sharon Scinicariello, Director of the Global Studio at the University of Richmond
  • Lance Askildson, Assistant Provost for Internationalization, Director of the Center for the Study of Languages & Cultures, and Associate Professor of Practice, Second Language Acquisition at the University of Notre Dame
  • Stew Markel, Faculty Coordinator for the English for Academic Purposes Program and Assistant Director for Assessment in the Center for the Study of Languages & Cultures at the University of Notre Dame

As accreditation agencies demand evidence during institutional re-accreditation of what students know and are able to do after completing a particular course of study, helping language departments conduct the program assessments that will give them this information is becoming an increasingly important part of the work conducted by language centers. In this panel discussion, members of IALLT who have participated in program assessment initiatives at their institutions will talk about program assessment initiatives in which they have participated and explain the roles that language center directors can play in these critical initiatives.