Board and Council

IALLT Executive Board

The IALLT Executive Board conducts the business of the organization and is elected by the membership. The Board meets annually, face-to-face, at the biennial conference and summer Summit, in the year in which there is no conference. The Board also holds monthly virtual meetings via conference calls to transact regular IALLT business and communicates via other electronic means as well to plan IALLT activities. At the discretion of the President, council members and guests may be invited to Board meetings to provide information on issues under discussion. Minutes of all meetings are made available to the membership at large through the IALLT website. The Executive Board consists of the President, the President Elect, the Programs Director, the Treasurer and the Secretary. All board positions are for a two-year term except that of the Treasurer who has a four-year term. Board positions are volunteer positions. An organizational chart is also available to view.
IALLT TitleNameEmailAffiliationTerm
PresidentNickolai, Danpresident (at) iallt.orgSaint Louis University2023-2025
President-ElectRosen, Laurenpresidentelect (at) iallt.orgUniversity of Wisconsin2023-2025
TreasurerPowell, Staceybusiness (at) iallt.orgAuburn University2023-2027
Programs DirectorRomjue, Amandaprograms (at) iallt.orgUniversity of Minnesota2023-2025
SecretaryGodwin-Jones, Mollysecretary (at) iallt.orgUniversity of Kansas2023-2025
IALLT TitleNameEmailAffiliationTerm

IALLT Council

The IALLT Council consists of regional group leaders, representatives to affiliated professional organizations, editors of IALLT publications, and member services and other coordinators. Council members carry out various IALLT operations under the direction of the Executive Board. Council members, with the exception of regional group leaders who are elected by their regions, are approved by the Board and appointed by the President. Term of service for Council members is two years, renewable by mutual agreement by the Board and the appointed Council member. Council positions are volunteer positions. All members of the Council are expected to attend the annual meetings of the Board and to make annual reports about their activities.

IALLT TitleNameAffiliation
Past PresidentKraemer, AngelikaCornell University
Regional Group Leader: Northwest (NWALLT)Aoki, PaulUniversity of Washington
Regional Group Leader: Southwest (SWALLT)Garbelotti, TomUCLA
Regional Group Leader: Midwest (MWALLT)Frances, ClaireUniversity of Iowa
Regional Group Leader: South East (SEALLT)Ettzevoglou, NathalieKennesaw State University
Regional Group Leader: South Central (SOCALLT)Kumahata, HajimeBaylor University
Regional Group Leader: Mid-Atlantic (MAALLT)Romjue, AmandaUniversity of Minnesota
Regional Group Leader: Northeast (NEALLT)Craig-Flórez, AngelinaColumbia University
Regional Group Leader: New England (NERALLT)Joe BorkowskiMIT
Affiliate Representative: ACTFLDuclos, CoryColgate University
Affiliate Representative: ACTFLGaugler, KevinMarist College
Affiliate Representative: CALICOFrumkes, LisaDuolingo
Affiliate Representative: CALICOElliott, RobertUniversity of Oregon
Affiliate Representative: LET/FLEATOno, YuichiUniversity of Tsukuba
Affiliate Representative: JNCLFacer, Betty RoseOld Dominion University
Affiliate Representative: AKSKronenberg, FelixMichigan State University
Affiliate Representative: JASALLavolette, BetsyKyoto Sangyo University
Member Services: Conference CoordinatorPowell, StaceyAuburn University
Member Services: Graduate Student RepresentativeJones, LillianUniversity of California - Davis
Member Services: Graduate Student RepresentativeSingh, BhavyaSTARTALK Hegop Kevorkian NYU
Member Services: Graduate Student RepresentativeTangiyer, Denis MelikPurdue University
Member Services: Intellectual Property CoordinatorEvershed, Julie University of Michigan
Member Services: K-12 Council MemberEttzevoglou, NathalieKennesaw State University
Member Services: K-12 Council MemberEstrada, KarlaAlpharetta High School
Member Services: LLTI EditorGarbelotti, TomUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Member Services: Commercial Partners CoordinatorJenkins, Styx
Member Services: Survey CoordinatorLavolette, BetsyKyoto Sangyo University
Member Services: Survey CoordinatorKraemer, AngelikaCornell University
Publicity Committee: Publicity CoordinatorMaggin, Sherry United States Military Academy
Publicity Committee: Publicity CoordinatorDurham, AddieLouisiana State University
Publicity Committee: Publicity CoordinatorSoares, KaylaUniversity of Rhode Island
Publicity Committee: Graphic DesignerHugo, RussUniversity of Washington
Publicity Committee: Social Media CoordinatorMaggin, Sherry United States Military Academy
Publicity Committee: Website ManagerHugo, RussUniversity of Washington
Publications Committee: FLTMAG Editor-in-ChiefQuinn, Shannon DonnallyMichigan State University
Publications Committee: FLTMAG Associate EditorSamuels, JeffreyWorld Languages 360, Inc.
Publications Committee: FLTMAG Associate EditorGodwin-Jones, MollyUniversity of Kansas
Membership Committee: Membership CoordinatorBorkowski, JoeMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Webinars: Webinar CoordinatorRubin, EvanSan Diego State University
Webinars: Webinar CoordinatorQuinn, Shannon DonnallyMichigan State University
Webinars: Webinar CoordinatorPanday-Shukla, PriyaWashington State University
IALLT TitleNameAffiliation