IALLT Journal

The IALLT Journal for Language Learning Technologies is an open-access, peer-reviewed online journal that is published twice annually.  It focuses on practice-oriented research, review articles, and columns that address the intersection of technology with the teaching and learning of languages, literatures, and cultures.  Often, these articles are written in the form of case study ethnographies, quasi-experimental classroom research or emerging technology reviews.  Generally, articles are between 6,000–12,000 words in length and draw upon relevant research and professional literature to present original research findings or to offer new insights into existing areas of study.

From its origins in 1967 as the NALLD Newsletter through its evolution into its current online form, the publication has consistently provided insight into the evolution of language learning technologies and of language technology resource centers.  The complete run of the publication, which will soon be available here, includes the following:

  • NALLD Newsletter (1967-1969)
  • NALLD Journal (1969-1985)
  • Journal of Educational Techniques and Technologies (1986-1989)
  • IALL Journal of Language Learning Technologies (1990-2001)
  • IALLT Journal of Language Learning Technologies (2002-Present)

The IALLT Journal encourages submissions on topics as they relate to technology for teaching and learning foreign and second languages.  Information on submission guidelines can be found in the journal itself.