SOCALLT Mission Statement

The goals of the organization are to:

  • Disseminate information about Language Learning Technology.
  • Share experiences on the development and implementation of Language Learning Technology.
  • Provide information on resources available for those involved in Language Learning Technology.
  • Be a bridge to IALLT, the International Association for Language Learning Technology, our national organization.


updated: August 2023


I.1 Name

Revised August 04, 2023

The name of this self-governing organization is the South Central Association for Language Learning Technology, hereafter referred to as SOCALLT. SOCALLT is an official Regional Chapter (made up of the U.S. states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Colorado, Arkansas and New Mexico) of the International Association for Language Learning Technology, hereafter referred to as IALLT.

I.2 Purpose

SOCALLT, like its parent organization IALLTL, is a professional non-profit membership organization working toward the goal of improving language instruction through the use of technology. Its purpose is to promote more effective use and a better understanding of technology-based instruction in language resource centers at all levels of education and training.

I.3 Membership

Any person or organization sharing the purposes and objectives of SOCALLT may become a member upon payment of fees as set up by the SOCALLT Board. Full members (those academic members paying dues) have all privileges of membership. Associate Members (commercial members and student members) have all privileges of membership, except that they are not eligible to hold office or participate in the election of officers. Membership extends from one annual conference to the following one.

I.4 Earnings

All earnings are to be used solely to achieve the purposes of the Association and are not to be used for the personal benefit of any member or private person.


The determination of policy and the direction of affairs of SOCALLT are the responsibility of the Regional Board, whose members are elected and function as described in Section 2. Every member of the Regional Board must be a Full Member in good standing of SOCALLT; the President must also be a Member in good standing of IALLT.

II.2 Elected Officers

The officers of the Association who make up the Regional Board are a President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, and Immediate Past President.

II.2.i President

The President presides at all meetings, conducts the business of the Association, and arranges meetings in conjunction with the host institution. The President also serves as liaison with the IALLT Regional Group Coordinator, and represents the region on the IALLT Council.

II.2.ii President-Elect

The President-Elect presides in the absence of the President and assists with meeting programs and Association business at the direction of the President and Board.

II.2.iii Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for the financial affairs of the Association, including the collection of annual membership dues, payment of all bills, and preparation of financial reports.

II.2.iv Secretary

The Secretary is responsible for the Association’s meeting and membership records, for maintaining a current postal and electronic address list for members, for maintaining a master list of higher education institutions and flagship high schools in the six-state regional area, and for mailings to members.

II.2.v Immediate Past President

The Immediate Past President assists with the business of the organization and the annual meeting as requested by the President and other officers. Additional Officers

The Regional Board may appoint additional officers to be assigned duties as required for terms up to two years.

II.3 Elected Office Terms

The term of office for all officers is two years. The President-Elect, after serving the two-year term, becomes President for the following two years. New officers begin their terms at the conclusion of the Annual Conference following their election.

II.4 Elections

The election of officers is the responsibility of the Immediate Past President (or the President, if the Immediate Past President is not available), who solicits names for the ballots and submits a slate to the Regional Board for review. The slate of candidates is presented to the membership for election at the Annual Conference in odd-numbered years.

II.5 Office Vacancies

Any vacancy, except that of the President, can be filled by appointment by the President. Only an elected President-Elect may succeed to the Presidency. An election must be held to replace the President-Elect.

II.6 Temporary Leadership Council (TLC) in Times of Exigency

Should the organization become dormant (a period of little or no activity, including but not limited to no conferences or web-driven events over multiple years, for example), past officers may suspend the regular bylaws and establish temporary, provisional leadership until the group is functioning as expected again (i.e., holding regular annual events, either in-person or virtually). In such periods, a temporary leadership council will guide the organization, ideally composed of past officers of the group. As the organization’s finances are typically accessed by a specific person, the Treasurer will remain a named officer during this time. If no Treasurer is available, the Temporary Leadership Council can work to obtain signatory permission with the financial institution where SOCALLT funds are held.


III.1 Association Webmaster

The SOCALLT website will be maintained by a member appointed by the Regional Board.

III.2 Editors of the Conference Proceedings

The Regional Board will appoint the editor and one or two associate editors who will be responsible for publishing the conference Proceedings.


IV.1 Meetings and Sites

There is to be at least one meeting each calendar year, to be held at such a time and such a place as the Regional Board decides. Consideration is to be made to rotate the location by state and area within the region. State or sub-regional meetings may also be held at the discretion of the Board and membership.

IV.2 Host Responsibilities

A host institution makes local arrangements for room reservations and other facilities and provides information on travel and lodging for members.


V.1 Proposals for Amendments

Proposals for amendments to the Bylaws may be submitted to the Regional Board in a petition signed by at least five members in good standing. Any such proposal, with the Board’s recommendation, must be submitted to a vote by the membership.

V.2 Effective Date

An amendment to the Bylaws becomes effective when it has been approved by no less than two- thirds of the ballots returned and counted by the Immediate Past President (or, by the President in the absence of the Immediate Past President).