SOCALLT Conferences

  • SOCALLT 2024: “AI, Multimedia, & Language Teaching & Learning”
  • SOCALLT 2020: canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • SOCALLT 2017: canceled due to low participation
  • SOCALLT 2016: A World of Languages: Crossing Borders and Platforms, University of Houston-Downtown, Houston, Texas, April 8-9, 2016
  • SOCALLT 2015: The Online and Mobile Worlds of 21st-Century Language Study, University of Texas, Austin, Texas April 24-25, 2015
  • SOCALLT 2014Beyond the Classroom: Language Learning From Local To Global, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, March 13-15, 2014.
    Hosted by Mike Dettinger.
  • SOCALLT 2013: Language Teaching & Learning in an Era of Ubiquitous Technology, Texas Christian University, Ft. Worth, Texas, April 11-13, 2013.
    Hosted by Marie Schein.
  • SOCALLT 2012: Success Stories in the 21st Century Foreign Language Class: Transforming Teaching & Learning with Technology, University of Colorado – Boulder, April 13-14, 2012
  • SOCALLT 2011: Language Teaching & Learning in an Open World at University of Texas, April 15-16, 2011
  • SOCALLT 2010: Foreign Language Teaching, Learning & Technology: A Changing Climate Joint conference with Arkansas Foreign Language Teachers Association April 29 – May 1, 2010, at the Arlington Resort Hotel, Hot Springs, Arkansas.
  • SOCALLT 2009: Language Learning 2.0: Linking People to the World; Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX, February 13-14, 2009
    Hosted by Bill Christensen
  • SOCALLT 2008:  Navigating the C’s with Technology; Holiday Inn Denver International Airport, February 14-16, 2008, in conjunction with Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers
  • SOCALLT 2007:  21st Century Technology in Language Teaching and Learning; Cy-Fair College, February 23-4, 2007. Hosted by Georges Detiveaux
  • SOCALLT 2006, Teaching and Technology: All Languages, All Levels, All Institutions, Collin County Community College (Plano, TX) February 24-5, 2006
    Hosted by Don Weasenforth
  • SOCALLT 2005, The Year of Languages: Motivating the Language Learner With Technology, Southeastern Louisiana University (Hammond, LA) February 4-5, 2005
    Hosted by Claudia Salcedo
  • SOCALLT 2004, San Jacinto College Central, February 6-7
    Hosted by Karima Benremouga
  • SOCALLT 2003, University of Texas at Arlington, March 7-8
    Hosted by Scott Williams
  • SOCALLT 2002, University of Colorado at Boulder, April 13-14
    Hosted by Kuan-Yi Rose Chang
  • SOCALL 2001, Rice University, Houston, TX, May 22-26
    Held in conjunction with IALL 2001, hosted by Claire Bartlett
  • SOCALL 2000, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, April 7-8
    Hosted by José Luis Montiel
  • SOCALL’99, Baylor University, Waco, TX, April 23 – 24
    Hosted by Ute Lahaie
  • SOCALL’98, Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, March 27 – 28
    Hosted by Sara Wilson
  • SOCALL’97, University of Arkansas, Little Rock
    Hosted by Sharon Sellars
  • SOCALL’96, Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, TX
    Hosted by Woody Smith
  • SOCALL’95, University of Houston
    Hosted by Claire Bartlett
  • SOCALL’94, Southern Methodist University
    Hosted by Jan Marston