Rescheduled – Free Webinar for March 29, 2017

Gain Time and Differentiate with a Flipped Learning Approach

Frustrated that you never get to those interactive communicative activities at the end of your lesson plan? Struggling to figure out how to differentiate for specific student needs? Consider flipping your lessons and gain the time you are missing to help all your students to reach their potential. In this webinar you will learn what flipping lessons really means in a language learning context, view a variety of lesson examples, learn from the data gathered in Russian and Japanese classes how well this works, and leave with the techniques and technology knowledge to start building your own flipped lessons.

  • Presenter: Lauren Rosen, University of Wisconsin
  • Date / Time: Wednesday, March 29, 12:30 Eastern / 11:30 Central / 10:30 Mountain / 9:30 Pacific
  • Webinar Duration – 1 hour

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