Call for Chapters: Language Center Handbook

Call for Chapters: Language Center Handbook

The International Association for Language Learning Technology (IALLT) is actively soliciting proposals for a new book titled “The Language Center Handbook.” This volume, with chapters reviewed by an editorial board, combines the Language Center Design (LCD) book and the Language Learning Center Management Manual (ManMan) into one updated volume. Thus, its chapters will address current best practices in managing and developing a language center and in language center design and redesign.

Possible chapter topics are listed below. Most of these topics have been covered in previous editions of the LCD and ManMan. For that reason, we encourage authors to submit proposals for updates to chapters that they previously contributed. We also encourage collaborations in which an additional author works with the previous author to update a chapter. Entirely new chapters are also welcome, and they need not use the chapter titles below. We encourage co-authored chapters.

  • Why build/keep a language center?
  • From Lab to Center
  • Planning the Physical Space
  • Are Turn-key Labs a Thing of the Past?
  • Special Cases: Language Centers in Colleges and K-12 schools
  • Language Software
  • Digital Lab Solutions
  • Language Learning Center Management (LLCM): An Overview
  • The LLC Director: Management Roles, Leadership, Styles, and Philosophies
  • Staffing the LLC: Finding and Keeping Excellent Employees
  • Managing Media Equipment
  • Managing Media Materials
  • Managing Media Production
  • Copyright and Other Legal Issues
  • Managing the Language Learning Center Budget
  • The LLC and Public Relations: Promoting the Language Learning Center
  • The LLC’s Role in Technology Training and Professional Development
  • The LLC as Facilitator for Integrating Web 2.0 applications into the language curriculum (new chapter)
  • Assessment and Strategic Planning for LLC Programs and Services
  • Fundraising and Grants
  • Resources for the Profession
  • The role of the language center with regards to ADA compliance and Universal Design
  • The computer free language center(?)

Proposals should include the following information:

  1. Title
  2. Abstract (100-300 words) of the proposed chapter
  3. Brief biographical information

IALLT membership is not required. You may submit more than one proposal. Proposals will be evaluated by the coeditors (Edwige Simon and Betsy Lavolette), and chapter drafts will be reviewed by an editorial board composed of the coeditors and members of the IALLT Publications Committee. This review will not be blind due to the inclusion of many revised and updated chapters.

Submission deadline for abstracts is April 15th, 2016. Please send submissions or any questions regarding this call to both coeditors, Edwige Simon ( AND Betsy Lavolette (

The deadline for chapter drafts will be August 15, 2016. Expected publication is spring 2017.

The editors are willing to work with authors to help them develop their ideas for proposals.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!