Information for Presenters

Logging into IALLT 2021 Online Event Guide (CrowdCompass)

You will receive an email invitation to join after you register for the conference. Please be sure to complete the following tasks and confirm your session is all set for the conference.

  • Profiles: Please verify your profile information. 
    1. Event Guide lists Attendees and Presenters separately, so you will have 2 profiles to check: Attendees and Presenters. 
    2. You can directly edit Attendees information. This profile is hidden unless you specifically unhide it.
    3. If you need to make corrections/changes to your Presenters profile, please email or
  • Session Content: Check your sessions for accuracy. You can either search by title under Schedule, or go to your presenter profile where your sessions are linked. 
    1. Are your title and description correct?
    2. Are all presenters listed?
    3. Do your presentations conflict with each other? 
    4. For 15-minute asynchronous video sessions (to be published June 13): 
      • Is the video displaying the correct one?
      • Each session will have a link to a Google Doc for attendees to ask questions while watching the video. Check that the links in the program correspond to your Q/A doc in both asynchronous video listing and the Q&A listing.
    5. Please notify with any issues/corrections
  • Sharing slides/documents with attendees 
    1. You are welcome to share additional materials with your attendees during the live Zoom session, via screen share or chat. 
    2. Presenters can request additional materials be added to their session in the IALLT 2021 Online Event Guide
    3. Please note that connecting these additional resources to the sessions needs to be done manually, IALLT conference volunteers will upload as we have time. 

General Notes

All session links and supporting content should be accessed through the IALLT 2021 Online Event Guide (CrowdCompass).

Sessions will be presented through Zoom (unless otherwise noted), which will be linked to individual sessions. 

Please log into your assigned Zoom link 5-8 minutes before the start of your session to ensure a smooth set up in case any troubleshooting needs to be done. The link is in your session listing in the IALLT Online Event Guide. Each session will have a moderator, as well as IALLT organizers to assist with any issues.

There is a google doc for each video/Q&A session, to give attendees a place to capture questions and comments as they watch the asynchronous video recording. As presenter, you may answer questions in the document at any time, or wait until your Q&A session to address questions. 

Q&A sessions are grouped together with 3-4 presenters per Zoom meeting. You may create breakout rooms to have conversations with attendees about your particular topic, or stay in the main room for more general discussion with colleagues. 

Digital Posters: If you have a slide or pdf that you would like linked to your session listing in CrowdCompass, you can send that to Even though technology allows for greater variety in presentations, the spirit of this type of session is to provide a short (3-5 minute) presentation, followed by questions and conversation with attendees. Attendees will be moving between different poster sessions during the scheduled block of time. 

We will have moderators for each live session. Moderators will go over basic zoom etiquette with attendees at the beginning of each session (remain on mute, put questions in chat, etc…). They will also monitor the time.

We have set up a “social space” in a platform called Nooks. Feel free to go check it out, invite colleagues to meet up, or move your session discussion to one of these rooms as your session comes to an end, but the conversation is still going! More information on the Nooks platform.

If you have any questions or concerns during the conference, click the IALLT Help Desk icon in the Online Event Guide, or send an email to