Here are some upcoming and recent MAALLT events. Please be sure to follow us on social media or come back to our site for updates on our events.

Thank you to those who attended and presented at the MAALLT Tech Slam!

Our first Tech Slam! took place on April 21, 2022. A “tech slam” is like a poetry slam, but with each presenter speaking about a technology, app, solution, or technology-supported practice for language learning for 5 minutes.

MAALLT members will receive access to the recordings for the Tech Slam in the coming weeks, so be sure to check your email or this site. Not a member yet? You can fill out the brief form indicating your interest in becoming a member on our Join page.

A special thank you to our Tech Slam! presenters:

  • Comic Creation to Foster Reader Response across Genres (Peggy Semingson)
  • Flipping lessons: Designs using your LMS (Lauren Rosen)
  • Bringing images to life with Thinglink (Helen Stapleton)
  • Learner Agency in Assessment (Lillyrose Veneziano Broccia)
  • Digital Escape Rooms with the Google Suite (Caroline Schlegel/Aubrey Swisher)
  • Virtual spaces for engaging hybrid learners (Umida Khikmatillaeva)
  • Using a Split Screen in Zoom Language Classes (Sonja de Vargas)
  • Best Practices for Organizing Virtual Field Trips (Katja Anderson)

Questions? Please reach out to us.


Here are a selection of previous events MAALLT and its members have participated in

  • MAALLT gave a joint session with IALLT & SEALLT on April 2 at SCOLT 2022. Among other things, we discussed ideas for language learning technology and growing our organizations.
  • MAALLT President-Elect Jeffrey Samuels contributed several interviews and articles to IALLT’s free online language technology magazine, FLTMAG.
  • MAALLT board member Errol M. O’Neill contributed a successful IALLT webinar (live webinars are available via IALLT and free to all educators).
  • MAALLT board members Amanda Romjue and Hope Fitzgerald presented sessions during the FLAVA fall 2020 conference. 
  • During COVID/virtual learning, MAALLT continued to work closely with IALLT and in 2020-2021, MAALLT has continued to hold board meetings.
  • As a small organization, our priorities remain to deepen connections with partner organizations and grow an engaged membership. We have re-engaged our social media presence to increase awareness of MAALLT.
  • We are planning new elections, which are forthcoming in late 2021.