Webinar: Using Yabla to Increase Cultural Awareness

Using Yabla to Increase Cultural Awareness

Date:  Thursday, February 20, 2014

Presenter(s):  Tracy Rucker

Authentic materials provide a glimpse into other cultures and allow language learners to explore cultures creatively. The presenter will discuss strategies on how to use videos in different levels of instruction. Using authentic materials addresses 21st century skills while allowing students to reach communicative goals. Yabla and other online videos are designed to help learners hone listening skills while increasing cultural literacy. Teachers who tune in to this webinar will also gain insight on using videos to launch theme-based conversations. The presentation will be


A native of Royston, Georgia, Tracy Rucker majored in French at The University of the South. He subsequently completed his graduate studies at Middlebury College where he participated in theater and specialized in studies of the Francophone world. Since completing his studies, Mr. Rucker has led trips to France and studied Quebecois language and culture in Chicoutimi, Quebec; he is also an AP College Board French reader. Most recently, Mr. Rucker organized a French Exchange program with Charles de Gaulle High School in Dijon, France. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Mr. Rucker organizes a multicultural dinner for his school. In class, Mr. Rucker combines authentic resources and technology to encourage students to become more aware of world cultures, challenges, and daily life. Songs, films, video clips, pictures, and reading passages make up this master teacher’s repertoire, and he is eager to share some of his crafted techniques with you.