Webinar: Results of the 2015 IALLT Language Center Director Survey

Results of the 2015 IALLT Language Center Director Survey

Date:  Friday, February 22, 2016

Presenter(s):  Betsy Lavolette, Gettysburg College; Felix Kronenberg, Rhodes College

We will be trying out a new format for our webinar in February. The presenters will post a video with their presentation by February 22. From that time, the associated discussion forums will be open. One week after the posting of the presentation (2/29), the presenter(s) will respond to questions and comments posted about the presentation. This presentation has been adapted from a similar presentation by Kronenberg & Lavolette (2015) at FLEAT VI, and includes answers to some of the questions asked. IALLT periodically surveys the community of language center/lab directors to investigate the state of language centers and the positions and duties of their directors. To continue disseminating the findings of the 2015 survey to the IALLT membership, we will present the results of key questions regarding language center management and design. To maximize their usefulness, the results will be reported by institution type and size. We will include data such as the average budget and allocations for language centers, the director’s average salary, the director’s typical teaching load, and how recently the typical center has been completely redesigned. We will also provide data on new space usage patterns in language centers.