Changing Roles: Impacting the Language Learning Narrative on Campus

Universities are increasingly deciding to drop language courses from graduation requirements. As a consequence, language departments are left with the responsibility of recruiting students and advocating for the benefits of language learning. In response to this need, the Center for Language Teaching Advancement (CeLTA) at Michigan State University developed a print, event, and social media marketing campaign designed to impact the language learning narrative on campus by focusing on the emotional/experiential benefits of learning a new language rather than on the traditionally recognized benefits (cognitive, social, instrumental). The approach was based on data gathered through extensive students interviews, which allowed the campaign to speak to a real student need, and resulted in an ongoing social media and print campaign, a regularly updated website, and a series of student-led events.

The campaign was innovative in the sense that it was the first time that CeLTA stepped into the world of marketing – something that we recognize to be of increasing importance in the day-to-day work of a language center. In taking on this initiative, CeLTA staff had to expand their expertise to include knowledge of marketing, media production, social media management, and storytelling.
Participants will learn ways to promote language learning beyond the traditional arguments, collaborate with students and across departments, and utilize social media strategies to engage students.

  • Presenters: Angelika Kraemer and Luca Giupponi, Michigan State University
  • Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2017
  • Time: 11:00pm AT / 12:00pm MT / 1:00pm CT / 2:00pm ET
  • Webinar Duration – 1 hour

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