Open to Change: Strategies for Finding, Utilizing, and Creating Open Media Content for Language Courses

There is general agreement that authentic media are useful, if not essential to learning a foreign language. One of the more imposing tasks for instructors, however, is locating appropriate visual and audio materials for use in our courses. While the internet abounds with pictures, drawings, songs, feature films, television shows, documentaries, and commercials in foreign languages, making them available for student use is often hampered by copyright restrictions. These issues are compounded for authors of textbooks, especially open educational resources, where copyright concerns are often an impediment to the successful deployment of such materials to a wider audience.

This webinar will focus on tools and practices to best utilize openly licensed media for language courses, especially open language curricula. I will begin by discussing some of the concerns regarding the use of closed vs. open material, as well as surveying some of the most commonly used open licenses under which videos are available. I will then focus on topics such as finding, adapting, and delivering open content to students. Throughout the workshop I will argue that open resources can not only meet the needs typically met by closed content, but are frequently superior in quality. A portion of the workshop will include a demonstration of several of these techniques, so that participants will be able to implement these strategies for their own classes.

  • Presenter: Christian Hilchey, U of Texas-Austin
  • Date: Thursday, December 14, 2017
  • Time: 1:00pm PT / 2:00pm MT / 3:00pm CT / 4:00pm ET
  • Webinar Duration – 1 hour

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