Ursula Williams Graduate Student Conference Grants

Graduate Student travel grant will not be awarded for the 2021 conference

Ursula Williams, who captured the spirit of IALLT as one of our most energetic and committed members, was the long-term coordinator of the language resource center at Notre Dame University.  In recognition of her outstanding contributions to the field and the spirit of conviviality that she brought out in others, IALLT offers special conference grants in her name to encourage graduate students to attend our biennial conference.

Grants of $500 will be awarded for each conference, with the number of grants depending upon the availability of funds. Qualifying expenses include travel and registration for the conference; any remaining amount, up to the maximum value awarded, may then be applied towards conference accommodation. It is preferred that payment be made against original invoices directly to the source. However, on presentation of original receipts IALLT may reimburse the individual recipient.


All graduate students who are sufficiently advanced in either a traditional graduate program or a graduate-level certificate program, and who have a demonstrated commitment to researching, implementing, and or supporting the integration of technology in teaching language, literature and culture are eligible to apply for a grant.


Applicants should (1) complete the grant application form below, and (2) arrange for two letters of support from persons with permanent university (or equivalent) positions qualified to evaluate the applicant’s suitability for the award. Letters of recommendation are to reach the IALLT Secretary by the same specified deadline as the application.  Results will be announced to applicants within one month of the submission deadline.


In a document of not more than 500 words, applicants should describe their program of study and future career plans, as well as their activities as developers, teachers and/or administrators of technologies that are used to support the learning of language, literature and culture. Applicants should explain any other travel assistance that they have access to in the form of a simple written statement. Applicants must either be student members of IALLT, or agree to become student members during the conference registration process.

It is expected that the successful candidate(s) will submit a proposal to the IALLT Conference Program Committee for some type of formal presentation at the IALLT conference, or will submit an article to FLTMAG for publication consideration within two months of the conference. The Board reserves the right to publicize the successful applicants’ names in appropriate publications.

Sources of Funding

IALLT will seek ongoing corporate support for these grants. Individuals (member or non-member of IALLT) are also encouraged to make donations towards the fund. IALLT is a registered tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization and, as such, donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.