Dear Fellow IALLTers,

After a great election process, a successful conference proposal phase, lots of work behind the scenes in the areas of conference planning, and updating of crucial documents and policies, we look forward to IALLT 2019 at the University of Oregon.

I would like to not only congratulate our new and returning board members, but especially thank all those who agreed to put their name on the ballot. A great slate of candidates not only means a healthy election process, but also indicates that there is plenty of interest, enthusiasm, and passion for our organization.

Please join me in congratulating IALLT’s new President-Elect, Dr. Angelika Kraemer, who will join the board at the 2019 IALLT Conference. There will be more changes in the council as well. As a reminder, council positions are appointed by the board. Council members serve for two years, but the board may ask them to serve for a longer period. If you are interested in getting involved in the council, please let us know. An easy way is to fill out the brief “Getting Involved” web form (

We look forward to seeing many of you in Oregon this June! Please keep visiting the IALLT 2019 conference web site. We are adding more and more information these days. And please make your reservations soon!

One major project the board completed during the last few months was going through the IALLT Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM). It took us many hours to revise the language and try to make everything as current and clear as possible. If you ever have a question about how IALLT functions, or who does what, you can find it in the PPM: (or via direct link: While this is not particularly exciting news, it was a long process and had the benefit of looking at all aspects of the organization. If you are in a council position or are involved in IALLT in some other ways, please have a look and let any board member know if anything needs to be changed or edited. Please also remember that the board is always trying to be as open as possible. Please remember that our minutes are publicly posted here: We are also excited to hopefully be soon on Wikipedia. A task force led by Betsy Lavolette initiated the process and we are waiting for official clearance.

Please remember to keep making use of two valuable IALLT resources: FTLMAG ( and the recently moved IALLT LLTI Listserv ( ). Please make sure you are subscribed. If you were subscribed to the previous listserv but haven’t been receiving new LLTI emails, please sign up again.

I look forward to seeing many of you again in Oregon!