Thank you

On behalf of IALLT, we would like to thank you for completing our general survey of U.S. and international language centers, their staff, and their directors. The purpose of the survey is to ascertain the status of the field of language learning and technology and gather data about the field, the people, the trends, and the physical and virtual spaces we work and learn in. Results are used to compare to previous iterations of this survey (conducted through different U.S. institutions) to track changes in the effective functioning of language centers.

Previous surveys

An overview of the last survey results can be found here:

Detailed reports are available in various IALLT publications:

As a meeting ground for professionals with overlapping interests, IALLT is committed to providing students and teachers the best language methods and technologies possible. We are a professional organization whose members provide leadership in the development, integration, evaluation and management of instructional technology for the teaching and learning of language, literature and culture. Its strong sense of community promotes the sharing of expertise in a variety of educational contexts.

Through submissions like yours, IALLT can continue to build, improve, and move this ideal forward. Thank you for your support and willingness to make a difference in the lives of our community’s professionals and students.

Looking ahead, we invite you to continue participating in IALLT’s events throughout the year. We look forward to seeing you soon!